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I've been involved with a handful of PBBG-related things over the years:

  • I discovered my love for PBBGs through Planetarion and Utopia, before finding and becoming addicted to Imperial Conflict sometime in 2003.
  • I created a PBBG called Trout Slap in 2006, and saw some mild success, before having to shut it down due to real life priorities getting in the way.
  • I bought Imperial Conflict from the original owner in 2016 to save it from further stagnation. I've been spending most of my free time since then improving it.
  • I run, which I created in 2017 out of frustration with how disjointed the PBBG community felt at the time.
  • I run /r/PBBG on reddit.

I also do non-PBBG stuff:

  • I love to write, but rarely take time away from webdev stuff to enjoy it. I have a blog at but it's pretty empty.
  • I dabble in webcomics, and ran one called S.N.A.T (Still Needs a Title) from 2004 to 2006. I found a decent crossover audience with the Imperial Conflict community.
  • I enjoy playing music, though I don't do it particularly well. I'm most skilled on guitar but most enjoy drumming.

I also like cats.