Digger Loses Balance After Being Struck By A Falling Building

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A machine operator had a lucky escape in Crimea after his 30-tonne digger was knocked over by the very building he was trying to demolish
The driver was using a hydraulic breaker on the end of a large yellow tracked machine which was attempting to demolish the remains of an apartment complex. 
The machine has sitting on top of a 50-foot pile of rubble which had been fashioned into a mound to allow the operator to attack the upper floors of the building. 
The front three feet of the excavator's tracks are clearly sitting over the edge of the mound in Alushta, Crimea as the driver attempts to hammer the building's concrete with his heavy duty hydraulic breaker 
After being attacked with the hydraulic breaker, the building collapses in towards the machine
As the building collapses, it strikes the machine's boom dragging it over the edge of the mound
Luckily for the driver, the machine does not roll after it slides down the 50-ft high mound
Unfortunately for the hapless driver, he placed his tracks too close to the edge of the pile. 
For several seconds, the remains of the building swayed precariously as the hydraulic breaker weakened the concrete structure. 
An eyewitness filmed the last 20 seconds of the demolition project in Alushta, jasa ukur tanah semarang Crimea. 
As the building starts to collapse, the excavator's centre of gravity shifts and when part of the concrete structure strike's the massive machine's boom, it is dragged over the edge of the mound and slides for several feet. 
Luckily for the driver, the machine does not roll over, according to the footage posted online. 

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