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* [https://trello.com/b/UGQJmjV2/paldera-rpg Public Trello Board]
* [https://trello.com/b/UGQJmjV2/paldera-rpg Public Trello Board]
* [https://discord.gg/7VqNn8Z Discord Server]
[[Category:Upcoming Games]]
[[Category:Upcoming Games]]

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DeveloperDustin Slagle

Paldera is an upcoming PBBG being developed by Dustin Slagle. It bills itself as the first pwbg (progressive web-based game) or pwbRPG (progressive web-based role-playing game), being "the first game of its kind to take full advantage of the Progressive Web App experience, which allows it to be played seamlessly across all browsers and devices of any size, and behaves like a native application without the need to download or install anything."

It will offer both the ability to interact in real-time as well as idle-type mechanics to allow players to "relax or work on other things while playing the game".


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