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[[Category:Active Games]]
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Arms of War
The Strategic PvP Idle Game
DeveloperArms of War
Genre(s)idle, military, strategy

Welcome to Arms of War, where the land is divided into hundreds of tiny kingdoms and torn apart by never-ending war. Each King has a clandestine duty to go to war with the other Kings, creating a world around it that has adapted to the perpetual chaos. Both Soldiers and Generals alike pledge to the highest bidder, magicians are willing to perform great spells for a good barrel of bourbon, and a simple peasant can inherit the knowledge to do, or be, anything they want. That is, if they don't 'volunteer' for military service. Even the nobles have settled into their role of replenishing Kings as they fall into... well, 'difficult times'. This is not a place for the weak, but for people of action and consequence.

The Arms of War Trilogy is built off of the idea that different games based in the same world should cause effects to one another. Created using new technology, server-first design to prevent lag or performance problems, a Single-SignOn system, a global Guild system, and universal private messages & alerts! Each game will be a full-featured and complete game, with a dedicated developer and regular updates.

AoW: Generals -- Idle Alpha

Status: Alpha

You, as a Mercenary General, are instructed (by your King and employer) to collect resources, conscript the local peasants, and destroy his enemy's castle before they destroy his! To gain an edge, work with your team of other Generals to make improvements to your castle or hire some local mages to provide magical assistance using crytals. You can also use the gold collected from the battlefield to improve your own equipment. A multi-day strategic idle PvP experience featuring 2 game modes, 13 troop types, and every match has special global modifiers to make every battle a feel different.

AoW: Lineage -- RPG

Status: In Development

Take control over an entire family tree, play as your own character by completing tasks, fighting, leveling, crafting and buying your way through life. But no one lives forever -- once it's time for your 'retirement', you can pass on a portion of your experiences (you didn't want to pass on *everything*, did you?) and your life savings to your descendent so they get a head start in their new life! Progress-through-prestige and reach untold fortunes to become the best in the world at literally EVERYTHING! Featuring regular database purges, pay-to-win mechanics and lag times that result in unfair deaths! Just kidding. Play to find party turn-based combat, combat and non-combat supporters, full economy, exploration and crafting.

AoW: Become Kings

Status: In Development

It sucks being on the bottom. So don't be! Your ambition will serve you well on your quest to become a King! Start your journey by following one of several unique career paths. Use your intuition and creative leverage to gather influence from the gullible people around you, amass a following, attend conferences as the keynote-speaker, stab a few rivals in their sleep, start a religion, and rise to the glory of King!

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